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Employment announcement ; Quality Engineer
Date: 2019-07-01   Views: 13252
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Job duties: Analyze mechanical and automotive parts design requirements and perform tests to address quality issues; applying the techniques and principles of engineering and ergonomical analysis, providing hands on root cause analysis of warranty data to serve as the voice of the customer for vehicle level testing; research customers needs that are accounted for in durability and reliability testing to improve/modify service parts design to address emerging warranty issued and reduce warranty cost; identify validation requirements for service parts changes, track testing progress, and approve test results; track quality metrics and KPIs to improve product quality by quantitatively assessing durability and reliability to address quality issues; modify parts service procedures to optimize labor time, reducing warranty cost; study and identify failure mechanisms, and create change notices to document and approve service part designs and changes; and create design work requests to release models and drawings for service parts, and approve durability and reliability test development engineering documents.


Requirement: Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering or Industrial Design.


Contact person: Mona Suh/Office Manager, Wooshin Safety Systems North America, LLC, 23399 Commerce Drive, Suite B-8, Farmington Hills, MI 48335

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