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Founded in 1964 as WOOSHIN SAFETY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. has led the industry, being the first automobile parts manufacturer, developing and manufacturing safety belt systems and steering wheels in Korean automobile industry.

With more than 40 years of expertise in auto parts industry, WOOSHIN SAFETY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. is now focusing on diversification of the business portfolio, expanding into bio industry, and implementing new management visions and missions that are future-oriented. We are , focusing on our product research and marketing solutions for new endeavor into new era.

WOOSHIN SAFETY SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. seeks to be reborn as a company, with its highest value focused on the prosperity of the human life as it combines the safety technology for automobiles that saves precious lives and family.

We will continue to work hard to meet the value that the customers want and satisfy the customer needs to earn the trust. Please continue your support and interest in our company.

Thank you.