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2019.11 GM Supplier of the Year award
2018.11 GM Supplier of the Year award
2017.01 Established WSS China / GM SOY Award / GM SQEA (WSS India)
2016.03 Established WSNA / WSS Mexico
2015.11 GM SOY / CCA / OTS Award/ Installed New Servo-Sled
2014.11 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award
2013.11 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award
2012.11 GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award
2012.10 Established a joint venture company in China
2012.09 Awarded a presidential citation in the 36th National Productivity Competition
2009.12 Selected as IT Innovation Company (Ministry of Knowledge Economics)
2009.06 Award on Supplier of the Year (GM)
2008.11 Establishment of India Assembly Plant
2008.09 Built up intergrated information Systems (PDM, ERP & POP)
2006.09 Certified as "Management Innovation Business" by the Small and Medium Business Administration
2004.11 Qualified as ISO 14001 Environmental Conscious Management System by KFQ (Korean Foundation for Quality)
2003.12 Qualified as ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System by KFQ
1999.01 Qualified as QS-9000 Quality Assurance System by KFQ.
1997.12 Qualified as 100ppm Quality Recognition by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
1997.07 Qualified as ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System by KFQ.
1994.06 Installation of Dynamic Tester for seat belts for cars
1990.12 Foundation of R&D Tech-Center
1990.01 Acquired K.S. (Korean Standard) mark for seat belts from Korean Standards Association
1985.09 Appointed as 1st grade plant quality management for seat belt by Industry Promotion Agency
1972.11 Developed Polyurethane auto parts such as crash pad, arm rest, head rest, etc.
1970.02 Developed seat belt system for automobile
1967.06 Developed damping sheet and felt type seats for commercial vehicles
1964.06 Foundation of Duk-Bu Industry